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Sonic Rade

Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Genres:  Alternative, Rock

Label:  VDM Records


Ricardo Ryan: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica   
Christian Fonjallaz: Bass, Back Vocals, Synth
Pascal J. Kramer: Drums & Sequences     

« Sonic Rade» as a band was formed in 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland . The band is composed of a Canadian-American and two Swiss. Ricardo Ryan, Chritian Fonjallaz whom are the original members along with Pascal J. Kramer that joined the band in 2022.
With their distinct and crystal sound, their charisma and their energy, Sonic Rade as now released their forth album Acacias on the Italian label VDM Records.
The trio have released a debut album 'Let It Out' on the Italian independent label VDM Records in 2013 and their second album ”Sideways” in March 2016. Which was selected for the First Round Ballot nominations of the 59th Annual Grammys Awards 2017 in four categories; 1-Best Rock Album, 2-Best Rock Song, 3-Best Rock Performance, 4-Producer of the year, Non-Classical. For Sideways (A) and Firefly (T) by Sonic Rade.

The 4th album of Sonic Rade "Acacias" was released in March 2023.


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The members

Ricardo Ryan: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica
Ricardo was raised in Canada from a Canadian mother and Argentinean father.  Music has always been a passion since his youth. Previously he has been touring across Canada and the US with various bands. Ricardo had personal friendship with musicians such as Chris Isaak and Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters) who used to be his roommate.


Established in Europe since some years, Ricardo is proud to contribute to the trio by bringing; inspiration, experience and energy in order to lead Sonic Rade to new heights.

Christian Fonjallaz: Bass, Back Vocals, Synths
The Geneva native spent years on the piano before finally settling to the bass guitar instrument. Forging his experience by playing with various bands out of the Geneva local music scene, he has polished his playing by studying at the Guitar Institute and Bass Tech of London, UK.


Christian has a fundamental role to Sonic Rade by bringing creative ideas and groove to the music.


Pascal J. Kramer: Drums, Percussions and Sequences
A drummer with multiple influences and electric since his young age. Pascal played in multiple bands which also led him to the UK. He studied at the Jazz School of Montreux and followed up playing with musicians from the Jazz Montreux festival. He joined Sonic Rade in 2022.
With his solid rhythm technique and his original energetic beats, Pascal brings a new identity to Sonic Rade.



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